The Washington Group is a consulting firm serving managed care, child welfare and behavioral health organizations in both the public and private sectors. Our goal is quite simple: Serve You, So You Can Serve Others. To accomplish that goal we utilize our knowledge and experience to enhance operating efficiencies and position our clients correctly with key stakeholders.

Perhaps our greatest asset is our understanding of state government – how it works, how it funds the work and how it evaluates the work. Under the direction of M.J. Elwood, Marketing Strategy Lead, The Washington Group works with our clients to add to their bench strength, increase their knowledge base and assist our government partners to drive systems change by focusing on three key areas: Market Research, Branding/Marketing Strategy and Communications.




Understanding what motivates your target audience

If you don’t know have an in-depth understanding of what your audience is really searching for, all your service offerings and communication efforts will simply be based on hope and guesses. With nearly 20 years of classical marketing experience gained from ‘Fortune 500’ companies and well-known non-profits, we are experts at uncovering the motivations that drive key decision-makers.

Finding actionable insights through professional market research

The best way to find out what your audience thinks is to ask them. But what type of research is best: should you use focus groups, one-on-one-interviews, or quantitative surveys? And once you’ve decided upon the type of research best-suited to your needs, how can you be sure you’ve hired a top-of-the-line facilitator? Will you be able to avoid the eight pitfalls that make novice surveys virtually useless (or worse: dangerously misleading)? When you work with The Washington Group, you can be assured that you’ll have an experienced research professional leading your project every step of the way. At the end of your research, you’ll have a clear-cut set of recommendations that will help you feel confident that you’re making market-driven decisions.

Conducting a thorough competitive analysis to identify hidden opportunities

It’s easy to get so busy with day-to-day work that there’s no time objectively evaluate the strategic opportunities right in your backyard. We provide trained eyes and a fresh perspective that can help your organization discover exciting service areas and viable new targets.


Determining what your organization represents now… and what it could become

The first step in creating an engaging brand is to simply take stock of what you currently offer your target audience. Every brand has its assets and liabilities, and an honest, unbiased assessment can help you decide what to build upon and what to leave behind. After that, we can identify where you ultimately want your organization to go… and the strategies and tactics that will bring you there.

Creating an entirely new brand or breathing new life into your existing one

Our marketing expertise includes brand creation as well as brand revitalization. Each process has a distinct path, and we’ll guide you every step of the way. You and your staff will be fully engaged in crafting a marketing approach that is unique to your organization.


Determining what makes your organization different from all the rest– and letting the world know

Wouldn’t it be amazing to stand out from the competition in a way that makes you a clear winner? We can help you create a dynamic and engaging USP (Unique Selling Proposition) that gives you a sustainable advantage over your competition.

Designing effective, eye-catching new marketing materials

Deciding what to say is one thing; expressing it in a way that engages your target audience is an entirely different challenge! We’ll help you develop your branding and marketing materials, whether you’re looking for a new logo, sell sheets and leave-behind collateral, business cards/stationery, presentations or customized infographics.

Developing a fresh new website that you’ll be proud to call your own

Have you outgrown your website? Do you feel like you’re just not putting your best foot forward online? The Washington Group can help you present a fresh new face to the world, one that truly reflects the strengths of your organization and its people. Shedding an old website for one that helps rather than hinders you is a liberating experience you’ll wish you’d done sooner!