The Washington Group is a consulting firm serving managed care, child welfare and behavioral health organizations in both the public and private sectors. Our goal is quite simple: Serve You, So You Can Serve Others. To accomplish that goal we utilize our knowledge and experience to enhance operating efficiencies and position our clients correctly with key stakeholders.

Perhaps our greatest asset is our understanding of state government – how it works, how it funds the work and how it evaluates the work. Under the direction of our Managing Partner Mark A. Washington, a former State Commissioner and Director in Kentucky and Georgia, The Washington Group works with our clients to add to their bench strength, increase their knowledge base and assist our government partners to drive systems change by focusing on three key areas: Relationships, Purchasing and Technical Assistance.




Government administration, contracting, and connections between programmatic and fiscal policy

We strive to help our government sector clients put their best foot forward with contracted providers and community-level stakeholders. We understand where government is “coming from” and where “providers are going”, which allows us to find the intersection of the two. We believe that government “can purchase better” and we demonstrate this by redesigning contracts with performance benchmarks.


Developing procurements

Through our work as both employees and contractors with the public sector we have significant experience developing procurements for governmental agencies. Additionally we have authored more than 30 successful responses to competitive procurements for child welfare, juvenile justice and behavioral health. By understanding the outcomes sought and complex nature of procurement development- and state and federal funding guidelines – we can help buyers purchase better.

Creating performance-based contracting systems and approaches between providers and contractors

We believe that organizations should be accountable for their work and that quality should be rewarded. Our team has worked extensively with public agencies, managed care organizations, lead agencies and private agencies to identify key performance indicators and to design contracts that share in the responsibility of achieving great outcomes.

Understanding strengths and weaknesses in service delivery systems across urban and rural geographies

Having the ability to accurately geo-map the service array in a targeted catchment area has helped our clients forecast and plan with greater precision. We identify the unmet needs and bring service providers and service payors into more direct alignment.


Developing training templates to promote Departmental objectives

Ensuring that provider partners and community stakeholders are aligned with the public agency’s objective is a crucial component of achieving superior outcomes. We can develop collateral pieces and interactive training modules that ensure your message is communicated clearly.

Assisting underperforming partners in developing plans of improvement

A public agency’s strength is greatly determined by the strength of its provider partners. Helping underperforming providers improve structure, programming, data collection and outcomes is in our wheelhouse. With more than 50 years of collective experience in private agency management we know what it takes to perform at a high level.