The Washington Group is a consulting firm hired by managed care, child welfare and behavioral health agencies who want to operate more efficiently and become better-positioned with their key stakeholders.

Perhaps our greatest asset is a deep understanding of the relationship between government and foster care. Under the direction of Jay Pruett, Principal, The Washington Group adds to our clients’ bench strength, increases their knowledge base, and advocates for their needs.

Our behavioral health clients appreciate our versatility. We have experience in the state and provider contracting process, across service delivery activities, and in the regulatory process. Using these insights, we enable our behavioral health clients to expand their capacity in relationships, growth, and marketing.




Analyzing child welfare practice in targeted states and communities

The Washington Group loves to help great companies expand their footprint. One critical step in growth is identifying systems of care that are congruent with the services you offer. Our team of staff has the background and relationships necessary to gather this information, analyze it, and understand how each private agencies expertise will fit into the respective states’ program needs.

Geo-mapping service arrays in targeted areas

Having the ability to accurately geo-map the service array in a targeted catchment area has helped our clients forecast and plan with greater precision. We identify the unmet needs and bring service providers and service payors into more direct alignment.


Proposal Development

Through our work as both employees and contractors with the public sector we have significant experience developing procurements for governmental agencies. By understanding the outcomes sought and complex nature of procurement development – and state and federal funding guidelines – we can help organizations produce winning proposals. To date we have authored more than 30 successful responses to competitive procurements for child welfare, juvenile justice and behavioral health resulting in more than $20 million in new revenue.

Assisting private providers with program development and improvement

Helping providers improve structure, programming, data collection and outcomes is in our wheelhouse. We have implemented evidence-based child welfare programs across multiple states and have a high level of familiarity with what consumers are buying. With more than 50 years of collective experience in private agency management we know what it takes to perform at a high level.


Strategic plan development and execution

Effective organizational growth is born out of careful self-analysis, realistic planning and thorough execution. Perhaps our greatest strength is helping our clients properly evaluate opportunities and determine the steps, both internally and externally, needed to accomplish their objective.

Relationship development with key stakeholders

When working to secure or expand funding for new programming it is critical that you not only meet with the right decision maker but also are prepared with an effective service presentation. Our through market analysis work and national relationships enable us to help or clients accomplish both.

Websites that communicate impact and uniqueness

We believe that providers who communicate their stories and outcomes well through their website can more effectively seek growth opportunities. With the recent surge in social media, funders from state government to private individuals to grant-making foundations are looking to provider’s websites to learn more about their uniqueness. We have successfully completed new websites for clients across the foster care and behavioral health services continuum.

Marketing plan development

The Washington Group has more than 30 years experience in marketing, brand development and communications. We bring that expertise to help our clients raise their messaging to a level that not only reaches their target audience, but also to a broader group of stakeholders who have expectations that have risen over the last decade. The same trifold brochure that worked in 2000 to communicate who, what and why is no longer seen as sufficient to differentiate one product or organization from another. In order to stand out, you must step out!