The Washington Group is a consulting firm hired by managed care, child welfare and behavioral health agencies who want to operate more efficiently and become better-positioned with their key stakeholders.

Perhaps our greatest asset is a deep understanding of the relationship between government and behavioral health. Under the direction of Jeff Luce, Behavioral Health Solutions Manager, The Washington Group adds to our clients’ bench strength, increases their knowledge base, and advocates for their needs.

Our behavioral health clients appreciate our versatility. We have experience in the state and provider contracting process, across service delivery activities, and in the regulatory process. Using these insights, we enable our behavioral health clients to expand their capacity in relationships, growth, and marketing.




Government administration, provider contracting, and the intersection of both

• We help our behavioral health clients put their best foot forward, whether in their relationships with the government or with community-level stakeholders.

• Understanding the inner workings of various departments is a key to developing successful strategies. We understand where government is “coming from” and we understand where providers are “going”, which allows us to find the intersection of the two. We believe that government and managed care can “purchase better”, and we work to align our behavioral health clients with the needs of both of them.

Behavioral health service providers at the community level

• Buzzwords, trends, and the latest magic bullet often drive conversations behavioral health. We skip past superficial concepts to time-tested strategies and solid data to position our clients for success.

• We help providers become licensed, expand their market presence, and compete for new business.

Payor Relationships

• We offer proven insight into how to best navigate and maintain these relationships while also evaluating your current contracts and pursuing better terms and rates from payors.


Managing Request-for-Proposals (RFP) responses for providers

• Our team members have successfully authored more than 30 successful responses to competitive procurements, generating tens of millions dollars of new business for our respective firms. We can help you identify and pursue opportunities are a strong fit for your organization’s mission and focus.

Positioning your organization for growth

• To develop an effective action plan to help you achieve your growth targets, we begin with the end in mind: a detailed vision of where you want to go. We then evaluate internal workflows and systems to help pinpoint areas that can be improved upon and optimized over both the short-and long-term.

• We can help you find achievable growth rates through our knowledge of network adequacy standards.

• We improve back-office technology support systems for our clients by “moving them into the cloud and out of the dirt!” The difference in efficiency, productivity, and morale is tangible and exciting.


Communications optimization and website management

• We help our clients revitalize their brands and communicate more effectively by making dramatic improvements to the look and functionality of their websites.

• We create clear and compelling marketing content aligned to your vision, brand and target audience.



Our firm was founded on a promise that we live out every day: serving you, so you can serve others. For our behavioral health clients, that means partnering with them in navigating key relationships, planning for growth, and optimizing their approach to marketing. If your organization needs outside expertise in any of these three areas, why not join us for an informal cup of coffee or a free 30-minute phone consultation?

Please call us at 678.679.3900 – – we look forward to meeting with you.