Is your organization stumbling because it isn’t putting its best foot forward?

What’s keeping you from presenting your best face to the outside world?

The presenter smiles confidently from behind the podium and begins. Three minutes later, the audience is hanging on every word, fascinated by what they’ve already heard and eagerly anticipating what’s yet to come. The speaker steps out, continuing to talk, and strides across the stage to make a point at the other end of the- -

WAIT! A ripple of awkward surprise seizes the crowd as people whip around to exchange startled glances: Did you see that? Oh goodness, yes, there it is... but the speaker carries on, unaware; carries on, oblivious; carries on... with a 12-inch piece of toilet paper fluttering limply from the sole of their shoe. There it is- - look! It moved again!- - and the whole auditorium can’t take their eyes off it.

The speaker’s spell is completely broken. The audience, try as they may, just can’t hear the message anymore. They’re hopelessly distracted by this glaring fault, and what could have been a fantastic presentation has been flushed away into oblivion.

Just one wrong detail can ruin the whole show.

Your organization may be completely unique in who you serve and how you serve them. The level of care and the quality of your team members may be absolutely top-notch, and you know it, just as sure as the sun shines in the sky.

But no matter how good you are, if there’s one thing- - just one thing- - that’s not up to par, your target audience may be so distracted that they can’t focus on all the exceptional qualities that would make your organization the best choice for them.

What’s your Achilles’ Heel?

Where are you vulnerable? Where’s your biggest distraction?


Is it in the way you market your services? Does your website showcase who you are and what you do in clear, concise, and compelling manner... or is it a hodgepodge of half-outdated information that people have to pick through to get what they need? What about your brochures and hand-outs? Do your marketing materials reflect the professionals behind your organization?


Maybe your marketing is solid, but there’s one critical link missing from the menu of services you provide. Without it, you know your organization is letting valuable opportunities slip away.


Sometimes old systems and technology problems have gotten to the point where the “work-around” solutions you’d used to cope before are creating more headaches and delays than they’re worth, and if you don’t upgrade or overhaul them soon they’re going to break down into complete chaos.


Perhaps it’s an entirely different challenge. Perhaps your organization has changed and grown in such a way that you need a top-tier specialist to head up an important area of service, and not having the right person in place is becoming a glaring issue.

Ignoring the situation doesn’t work.

One thing is clear: dodging the problem isn’t really fooling anyone, and it’s certainly not fooling you.

Just like the presenter with the toilet paper fluttering around the stage, you’re stuck with a major distraction that demands that you stop what you’re doing and deal with it. There’s no way around it! Just like the speaker, you can’t ignore it, can’t wish it away, and can’t hope that maybe time will work things out.

You’ve got to take action now.


Imagine how much better it would be to have that distraction fixed once and for all.

When a problem has been festering for far too long, the relief you feel when it’s finally gone is incredibly liberating. Instead of having it tugging at you day in and day out, imagine being free to do what you’re supposed to be doing. Not being weighed down by a nagging problem has a ripple effect, too: you and your team will find yourselves working more effectively and efficiently, and the outside world will notice the difference.


Breaking through tough challenges time after time...

At The Washington Group, we work with you to tackle problems head-on.

We know what you’re going through because we’ve been there ourselves, and we’ve experienced first-hand the transformation that occurs when you break through long-standing issues and emerge with a fresh new outlook. We’ve worked inside government organizations, private agencies, small firms, and large organizations, and all that experience comes an understanding of what works (and just as importantly, what doesn’t work).

Where’s your biggest challenge? We’ll work with you to make problems go away in:

     •Marketing strategy and execution
     •New product/service development
     •System optimization
     •Executive recruitment
     •Corporate culture improvement


Let’s put the spotlight back where it belongs.

It’s time to get rid of the distractions your organization has been stuck with for far too long and get back to doing what you do best. The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll be free of the problems that have been stealing the show. Take a few moments to get to know us, and when you’re ready, let’s work together to begin finding the solutions you need.