Do you know how to navigate the twists and turns in the latest round
of rules and regulations? 

We’ll help you make sense of the confusing world of rules, regulations & requirements.

The child welfare and behavioral health landscape is constantly changing. New rules, contracts, regulations, and requirements are continually emerging, demanding your organization’s time and attention. The problem is, most agencies can’t afford to keep someone on staff to monitor these new developments and sort through how to best incorporate them.

The result? Most organizations find themselves scrambling to comply with the latest federal and state mandates without taking a careful, objective look at how to streamline their approach and how to operate in the most productive manner possible.

The losses in efficiency, effectiveness, and profitability can be staggering- - but they can also be avoided. 

The fastest (and most effective) way to succeed
in new surroundings 

When you’re faced with unfamiliar territory, you have two choices.

If you choose the do-it-yourself approach, you can work your way through a guidebook, keep your dictionary open as you try to communicate with the locals, use creative hand gestures, and muddle your way through a maze of new streets, narrow alleys, and busy roadways until you reach your destination. It won’t be the most efficient route, but you’ll certainly get there and have any number of tales to re-live from your “adventure.”

The second approach is different. For a surprisingly reasonable fee, you can hire a native- speaking guide who’ll converse with you fluently. You tell your guide exactly what you want to accomplish, and he’ll make sure it happens. Want to move from Point A to Point B as quickly as possible? No problem.

Want to find some hidden bargains that only local folks know about? Done. With this approach, you can feel your stress evaporate as your capable, trustworthy guide takes you through a strange new world, gently leading you every step of the way. 

A bridge between government and private agencies

At the most fundamental level, The Washington Group functions as your very own guide through the complex and often-confusing world of rules, regulations, and requirements.

The Washington Group is a bridge between governmental agencies and private organizations. We help government agencies understand how to best meet the needs of their constituents and we also help private firms successfully navigate government relations.

As guides, our unique backgrounds allow us to converse fluently on your behalf. For example:

Mark Washington, founder of The Washington Group, has overseen Georgia’s Division of Family and Children Services (DFCS) in addition to leading Kentucky’s human service and child welfare system as the Department for Community-Based Services (DCBS) Commissioner.

Jay Pruett, a growth specialist whose innovative solutions to child welfare and juvenile justice challenges have been implemented in government agencies and private organizations across the US.

David Shaw, a highly-experienced strategist and foster care expert, has held senior leadership positions in a Georgia child-placing agency as well as a number of well-known executive recruitment organizations.

Jeff Luce, a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Georgia, has hands-on experience working as a clinician for at-risk youth and children in foster care in addition to leading business development efforts for a large child and adolescent mental health services organization.

Because we can speak each side’s language just as naturally as they do, The Washington Group can work fluidly and seamlessly on the unique set of challenges you face. 

If you're a government organization...

Redesign and Transformation:

The Washington Group is a valuable resource in creating the optimal design of child welfare systems, working with State Governments and non-profit organizations in both contracting for foster care and defining the best outcomes across the continuum. 

Insight acquisition and application:

Do you need to gain a better understanding of the key trends associated with a specific population/group? Are you looking for a window into private agencies? The Washington Group can be counted upon to provide an accurate and objective point-of-view. 

Facilitation and Implementation:

Because we can converse fluently between all parties, The Washington Group is an exceptional choice when you want to meet with key stakeholders in advance of policy changes. After facilitating these discussions we can then partner with you in the design of foster care, adoption, and youth services or in Medicaid-funded children’s behavioral healthcare and health solutions. 

If you’re an organization serving families...

You’ll find The Washington Group an indispensable guide as you work through government requirements and growth opportunities:

Interpretation and compliance

whether you’re expanding into another region or across the country, understanding all the different rules, regulations, and requirements each state presents can be a daunting, time-consuming task. The Washington Group has a firm grasp on these new developments and can quickly and confidently translate them into your specific challenge.

Interfacing and lobbying

A number of unique situations require you to interface with key government officials, but if you don’t know how to contact them or what to say when you reach them, your likelihood of success can be greatly diminished. The Washington Group is an effective liaison between your firm and the critical contacts you have in the government.

Design and optimization

As you begin to understand all that is required of your organization, you may wonder how to incorporate this information into a new service or into your existing approach. The Washington Group can guide you through what needs to happen, how, when, where, and by whom so you can know you’ve covered all the bases and made the process as least disruptive as possible.

Your project is “mission critical” to us.

Fans of history and the 1995 Tom Hanks movie ‘Apollo 13’ will remember the tense moment when NASA and the crew must calculate the astronauts’ perilous re-entry to Earth. There was no margin for error: miscalculating in one direction would send the astronauts hopelessly off-course with no food or oxygen; miscalculating in the other direction would cause them to incinerate upon re-entry.

While our clients don’t face that kind of life-and-death scenario, “The ‘Apollo 13’ Principle” is short-hand for how seriously The Washington Group treats your need for accurate information. In today’s environment, we know that you can’t afford costly miscalculations and re-calculations. Because we’ve been working in this field for decades, we’ve seen what works and what doesn’t-- and we’ve discovered how to avoid the hidden pitfalls that most folks don’t even know about.

It’s time to begin.

When you’re ready to navigate the challenging road ahead, consider consulting a guide who can make your journey a more relaxed, productive, and profitable use of your time. We’ll help you get the most out of your expedition through uncharted territories- - just tell us what you need, and we’ll lead you there every step of the way.